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A A D Project Exhibition At The Clunny In Newcastle Opening 6th November 2013

For nearly two years I have worked on a project called A A D. A project all shot with a medium format analogue ( Hasselblad) camera with the subjects taking the photograph with a cable release. I have a photographed touring and bands from the North East including Howler, Hooded Fang, Art Brut, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs.

There will be an opening on Wednesday  from 6:30pm at The Cluny in Newcastle and a free gig featuring So What Robot, Retriever, and an acoustic set by The Union Choir  – please come down. For more information please see the Facebook Event. I also have a Kickstarter campaign with some unique rewards from the exhibition.

A poster for the A A D exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle

A poster for the A A D exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle

A A D Exhibition In November

It’s been a long time. I will be having an exhibition of my prints from my personal project called A A D. I have worked on this since last summer and it will be great to see some large size prints on the walls of The Cluny in November and December this year.

Here is a mock-up of a potential poster for the exhibition ( featuring one of the shots of Howler from the project).


Howler Poster for A A D Exhibition

Howler Poster for A A D Exhibition

More details of the project can be found on my website – I will be updating with information about the exhibition opening.



Portrait in Ex-25 Newcastle College Photography Exhibition

I was delighted to be asked to submit a photograph to an exhibition at Newcastle College celebrating the work  ex students who have gone on to work as photographers. It feels so good to be included with  such illustrious photographers.

This portrait of So What Robot was chosen

Photo by David Wala  www.davidwala.com

I was so happy that some of them came down to see their image and support me at the opening ( picture below)

Photo by David Wala  www.davidwala.com

More information about the exhibition can be found here:



The exhibition ends on 27 January please check the links above for further information

Reflecting on the Past and Keeping On Moving Forward



For the past 18 months I have had the framed prints from my Instamatic fro the People project in my studio

The other day I was looking at them and reflecting that since I started the project 2 and a half years ago that some of the bands have split up , other bands and musicians are on the verge of greater things ( also many of the people I did not know when I first photographed themand have since become my  friends).It is also interesting to see the way some of the locations and people’s styles have changed. So I have decided to put al the images from 2010 onwards on my David Wala Photography Facebook page

Anyhow the links to all the photographs are:

Instamatic for the People 2012-2011

Instamatic for the People 2011-2012

Back in September I was going to do a blog post titled The Things I Did Last Summer – but I will be changing that to The Things I Did Last Summer and Autumn.

I have been busty doing other things apart from Instamatic for the People



Instamatic for the People 2012 Gallery

I have just made a gallery to show the first bach of images from the Instamatic for the People project. They feature Howler, Collectors Club, The Neat and Sound of Guns. Click on the picture below to visit it:

Instamatic for the People Gallery

Instamatic for the People Gallery

Instamatic for the People Book Now Available For iPad and iPhone

The  Instamatic for the People book  is now also available as a download for iPad and iPhone – it is priced at £4.99 plus £0.99p tax added at the checkout, and from this £2.00 from each sale will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust. It is available from Blurb here

It features over 220 portraits of  musicians from the North East of England as part of my ongoing project.

This follows on from the Instamatic for the People exhibition that ran all summer at The Cluny – all the images from the exhibition are featured in the book.

You can read more about my project in my earlier posts in this blog.

Instamatic for the People Book - available exclusively from Blurb

Some Publicity About My Instamatic for the People Book for Charity

So happy to get some recognition from a photography website about my Instamtic for the People book and project.

I have dedicated so much time and effort to this project because I believed in it ,and in the process overcoming and deflecting doubts. It was heartwarming to get so much positive feedback since the exhibition.

Every penny of profit goes to Teenage Cancer Trust – and even better for me all the order fulfilment is done by the printers and all the money goes direct to the charity…..  I am relieved my work on this book  is done

To read the article visit Choose Film

Choose FIlm Instamatic for the People book

Instamatic for the People Book - All profits to Teenage Cancer Trust

The link to the book   http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2204947?SSAID=314743

Instamatic for the People Exhibition Extended and Other News

It seems ages since I updated this  blog as I have been so busy – I will try harder to update it more often.

The Instamatic for the People exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle has been extended until the end of August – if you haven’t been there is still time.

Also The Cluny are featuring some of my images in their gallery it can be viewed here: The Cluny Gallery

It is always a buzz when some of my photographs are featured by an artist that I am a big fan – so I was delighted when his record label One Little Indian linked up to the gallery of some images from his gig in May at The Cluny

Dan Sartain Newcastle Cluny by David Wala

I have been busy with photo shoots over the past few weeks and will be posting information about these soon

For anyone that came to my exhibition and gig were surely blown away by Symphonic Pictures , this week I am going to see Symphonic Pictures play an intimate gig at La Bocca cafe for more details please follow the link. They are also playing at the Other Rooms on 1 August.

Also my friend Paul Rose is playing a gig in Nashville next week and it looks like exciting times ahead for him sending him positive vibes. I have so many happy memories of touring around Germany with him – coincidentally it is my photograph on his home page :-)

Anyhow you might find this surprising but I find it uncomfortable talking about my work so I am going for a coffee. I will write more soon





Total Money Raised for Teenage Cancer Trust

I have just recieved the total raised at Wednesdays Instamatic for the People exhibition opening and gig – it is £420.43p – thank you to everyone involved and who contributed I am so proud we managed to do this. People can still give directly to Teenage Cancer Trust. The book of the exhibition is also available to buy from Blurb with all profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust – the details are in a post from last week.

Below is a link to a video of the exhibition


The entire night in 2 minutes of video it is by the super talented Morris Ford ,with music by my equally talented friends Brilliant Mind – Leave Your Friends behind which they also performed on the night

Just wanted to get the news of the monies raised as quickly as possible. Since the exhibition I have shot gigs by Duke Special, Evolution Emerging including the Chapman Family and Lanterns on the Lake, Evolution Festival all day Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I have another shoot with a fantastic local band and possible Mountain Goats at The Cluny.

I am so pleased to be busy but may not be blogging for a few days

Thank you again

Instamatic for the People Book

Thank you to everyone who helped with the exhibition and came down last – it was touching to see so many old and new friends.

As Simon Donald mentioned last night the book of all the images o from the exhibition are online.

The cost is £16.95 – the cost from Blurb is £11.95 and the £5.00 is profit is for Teenage Cancer Trust. The books are sent directly by Blurb

The link is


Instamatic for the People Book - All profits to Teenage Cancer Trust

Exhibition Set Up

Special thank you to Allan and Jill what a team – thanks for hanging all the frames. Also to my friend Mark at http://www.tynemouthstationframes.com/ for putting up with all the last minute shenanigans

Special Performance at Tonight’s Instamatic for the People Gig and Exhibition.

It’s funny how things work out.

Back in January I met David, Johnny and Dale for the first time when I did a photo shoot with Detroit Social Club, and tonight they are all supporting my exhibition. I feel lucky to know them

David Burn is doing a DJ set and will keep the tunes coming through the evening.

Johnny Bond and Dale Knight will be unveiling with their new band Symphonic Pictures in their first public performance – it is an honour and a privilege  that their first gig will be at the Instamatic for the People gig at The Cluny

Let the music and video do the talking – check out the video out on You Tube preparing for the gig on Wednesday 25 May



All of these people with me are helping with my exhibition and gig - Thank you Photo: Jill O'Donnell

Last Call for Participants for Instamatic for the People

Most of the photographs are framed but there is still time if any local musicians want to get involved with the project. Please get in touch and I can take the photographs and have them in the exhibition on Wednesday. I am running this down to the wire but if anyone wants to get  involved the earlier that you can get in touch the better. It is open to any musicians in the North East of England

Please see my new business cards for contact details

Instamatic for the People Business Cards

Posters and Publicity for Instamatic for the People

Paul Burgess has helped me out with some design work for the forthcoming exhibition – I love the posters that he designed. Could not recommend him more highly. If you get a chance check out Paul Burgess Graphic Design  website

Instamatic for the People Gig Poster

I am also pleased with the article in the May issue of Narc magazine they really understand what this project is about

Narc May 2011 Article

Instamatic for the People Exhibition & Gig

Instamtic for the People Poster

Instamtic for the People Poster

At last ,I am pleased to announce that my Instamatic for the People exhibition will be at The Cluny in Newcastle. There is an opening on Wednesday 25 May between 6pm and 7:30pm with a gig from 8pm in The Cluny. In the spirit of the exhibition everybody is welcome, it is a free concert but there will be collections for Teenage Cancer Trust – please give generously.

The project has been about the musicians of the North East and is a way to document how our music scene is in 2010/2011, I hope to revisit the project in a few years to see how everyone has progressed. It has been interesting looking at the images and seeing the seasons change some pictures in the sunshine at Narc fest in The Ouseburn in July with people in t-shirts and others taken on snowy December night in Sunderland.

This is a totally democratic project where everybody has the same status – all bands are featured equally and all members of the band are featured equally. For the exhibition each image will be drawn at random and displayed in the order they are drawn.

I spend a lot of time at The Cluny and it  is an honour to have an exhibition at the venue where I regularly photograph gigs, and where many of the images from the exhibition were taken.

There will be a book featuring the images from the exhibition available to buy online with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The opening night gig will feature bands that have taken part in the exhibition

I am so proud that The Greeting Committee, Brilliant Mind, and Gem Andrews have offered to play the gig. They are all acts  that I love and their musical styles are quite different – it will be a fun night.

Simon Donald is someone who I have known for years and it is an honour that he is going to host the night in his own inimitable style. He is a long time supporter of Teenage Cancer Trust.

David Burn from Detroit Social Club is doing a DJ set -I am grateful he has taken time to support this charity event even though Detroit Social Club will be playing at Evolution Festival a few days later.

The line up for the gig is:

The Greeting Committee
Brilliant Mind ( acoustic )
Gem Andrews
and Special Guests

Compere Simon Donald (Viz)
DJ Set by David Burn ( Detroit Social Cub)

This whole project has been entirely self funded and is a labour of love – but I have to thank all the wonderful people who have taken part and encouraged and helped me with it throughout the year.

The exhibition will run throughout June .

There is also a Facebook event

Thoughts On My Exhibition

My exhibition is over it was fun while it lasted.

It took a lot of hard work and I am very appreciative for the help I received from Kevin Boyd for sorting out everything in the gallery, my wife Jill for all her help, Mansfield Hioliday who are awesome and were kind enough to play on the night, and to all the people that attended.

This  was my second exhibition and I feel happy with everything and grateful to all the people that supported the exhibition.

It was fun to have a mixed night with a live band and photography on the opening night – I hope that there will be more such events in the future. Square Yard Exhibition Press Release

Mansfield Holiday Confirmed To Play The Opening Of My No Expectation Rock N Roll Photography Exhibition

Last week someone who was trying to be helpful offered to get me any band for my exhibition – that is not what I wanted

For my exhibition my top priority is a band that first and foremost I like, and also that I have worked with or photographed.

That is why am thrilled that Mansfield Holiday kindly agreed to perform at the opening night of No Expectation Photography exhibition – it will make it a special night for me.

Check them out here


No Expectations Rock N Roll Photography Exhibition Square Yard Gallery Newcastle 23 March – 26 March

o Expectations Rock N Roll Photography Exhibition Square Yard Gallery Newcastle 23 March - 26 March

I am having another exhibition with some work featured at my exhibition in January and new photographs from this year.

It is being held at Square Yard Gallery 14 Blandford Square Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4HZ. It is on the same side street as the Discovery Museum and opposite Dance City. Please see the link to Google Maps:

View Larger Map


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