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Telegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013

Telegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-1.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-2.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-3.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-4.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-5.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-6.jpg
Telegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-7.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-8.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-9.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-10.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-11.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 14 October 2013-1.jpg
Telegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-262.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-1.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-3.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-2-2.jpgTelegram Leeds Brudenell 13 October 2013-2.jpg

@telegramband a great new band. Definitely one of the most exciting live bands around at the moment. On tour now with Palma Violets

Can’t wait to see some of their headline shows – hopefully soon.

New Reward On Kickstarter – Today Is The FInal Day

A big thank you to everyone that came down to my exhibition opening and the gig – I will not forget your support.

As all the images from my exhibition are hanging up in The Cluny ( I will be adding more during the exhibition) – I made a collage of all the images and I am offering this as a print on Kickstarter for just a £10.00 pledge.

The link to the Kickstarter campaign is here  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidwala/a-a-d-photography-exhibition



Without People You Are Nothing

“Without People You Are Nothing” – this quote from Joe Strummer has resonated with me. Although I work alone mainly  in my photography I could not do it without people to photograph or help me.

Tonight is the opening of my A A D exhibition at The Cluny.

At the time of writing I am so busy as I have to finish up preparations for the exhibition  so I  will keep this brief

However I want to thank every band that has taken part there are 28 and counting I will name them all and add a gallery soon.

Thank you to the bands playing tonight So What Robot, Retriever and  The Union Choir – it is an absolute honour that you are playing the gig as part of the opening.

As ever The Cluny have been absolutely fantastic and always helpful and friendly. Paul Burgess has done a magnificent job with the posters . Digitalab have done a fantastic job with the printing on a very short notice. Mark at Art for Art’s sake has done an amazing job framing everything yesterday morning – an absolute star.

Tonight Daniel Robson and Lewis Norvid are doing the DJ duties  – I am super grateful that I do not have to worry about the music I know it will be amazing.  A huge thank you to my wife Jill for her help and editing skills. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and publicised he exhibition. Also check this article out by NE;MM it perfectly describes my project http://nemmonline.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/david-wala-a-d-photography-exhibition.html



Also as well as the people I need to use a camera :-)


The camera that has been used for most of my project

The camera that has been used for most of my project



This has been used to take every picture in the exhibition

This has been used to take every picture in the exhibition



Kickstarter Campaign ?

For sure there are many more worthy causes than my Kickstarter campaign. Deep down I have many reservations about asking people for money to fund my project.  I really do feel uncomfortable about doing it, but I have decided to go ahead and start a Kickstarter campaign. I am not asking for something with nothing in exchange I think the range of rewards are valuable – I promise I am not offering to cook you a meal or go on a date.  Also a big thank you to the people who have kindly supported the project – that means a lot.

I was discussing this with a local musician yesterday and he told me  that some people  do not think twice about asking to use my work for free or just  a credit – actually some people do not even bother asking :-).  I should also add there are many that do ask and support my work – they all know who they are.

The link to my Kickstarter campaign is here  AAD Kickstarter campaign

Here is the video I made

<iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidwala/a-a-d-photography-exhibition/widget/video.html&#8221; frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>


This is a personal project and I am doing it just because I enjoy it, and hope other people will too. Also thanks to everyone for taking part in the project without them there would be no project :-)

More importantly I would like people to come along and enjoy the exhibition and the free gig on 6th November

A A D Project Exhibition At The Clunny In Newcastle Opening 6th November 2013

For nearly two years I have worked on a project called A A D. A project all shot with a medium format analogue ( Hasselblad) camera with the subjects taking the photograph with a cable release. I have a photographed touring and bands from the North East including Howler, Hooded Fang, Art Brut, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs.

There will be an opening on Wednesday  from 6:30pm at The Cluny in Newcastle and a free gig featuring So What Robot, Retriever, and an acoustic set by The Union Choir  – please come down. For more information please see the Facebook Event. I also have a Kickstarter campaign with some unique rewards from the exhibition.

A poster for the A A D exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle

A poster for the A A D exhibition at The Cluny in Newcastle

Sylvain Sylvain Tim Burgess And Radkey – Instamatic For The People

Although I am now super busy with preparations for my A A D exhibition opening at The Cluny on 6 November 

I have had time to keep working on my Instamatic for The People project

For me the New York Dolls are such an important band and I always privileged to have seen them recently starting with their first comeback gig at the Royal Festival Hall back in 2004.  It was an absolute honour to add Sylvain to my Instamatic for the People project.

It was also great to have the legend that is Tim Burgess to my project  such a cool guy and feel really privileged to have him as part of my project.

I also photographed Radkey who have just appeared on Jools Holland show and really blew me away with their set at The Cluny – looking forward to seeing them again in 2014


Sylvain Sylvain Instamatic For The People 2013

Sylvain Sylvain Instamatic For The People 2013

Tim Burgess Instamatic for the People 2013

Tim Burgess Instamatic for the People 2013


Soi Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013

Soi Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013


Dee Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013

Dee Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013

Soi Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013

Soi Radkey Instamatic for the People 2013


Radkey At The Cluny Tonight

Had a great time tonight at The Cluny in Newcastle saw three high energy bands WTCHRS, Radkey, and Drenge. It was the the first gig in Newcastle by Radkey and they totally rocked


Radkey Newcastle Cluny 3 October 2013

Radkey Newcastle Cluny 3 October 2013


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