Instamatic for the People 2012 Gallery

I have just made a gallery to show the first bach of images from the Instamatic for the People project. They feature Howler, Collectors Club, The Neat and Sound of Guns. Click on the picture below to visit it:

Instamatic for the People Gallery

Instamatic for the People Gallery

A New Analog Project and Resuming Another Project

Nearly every day I use my digital camera. So I am excited about starting a new film based project  – I have already started this and I can’t wait to put some of the images online ( this should be next week) .

I am also firing up my Instax camera to do some more images from my Instamatic for the People project – more details will also follow for this.

This is a personal project and I am looking forward to new adventures ahead

Can’t wait to use this film

Howler Paris Fleche d’Or 26 May 2012-2

Jordan Gatesmith – Howler one of the most exciting live bands around. Their debut album is also filled with energy and great songs.

More of my images from the gig are here:

Howler Paris Fleche d

The Greeting Committee and Positive Mental Attitude

After weeks of preparation and days and nights of shooting I was so proud and relieved to have finished my third music video for the Greeting Committee’s new single Show Me the Lights of Home released on End of the Trail Records

It was great to see our ideas which we discussed in their practice room, actually evolve into this music video. I am especially happy to include cakes and cricket in this video

I am a big fan of Jesse Malin and love his take on P.M.A., we really needed positive thinking to complete the location shoots for the video. We had to endure heavy rain on both days which scuppered our original plans for many of the scenes, but the band and everyone involved  had a totally positive attitude and will to get things done – even if it meant filming into the early hours of the morning.

It was great to work with such talented people from whom I can learn  – Dan Horn was especially helpful as he has experience in filming, and had a load of helpful suggestions.

A big thank you also to the actors,Dan Horn, Olwyn Currie, Rebecca Currie , Chris Hardy, as well as the extras that came along in the rain and mud to help make this happen.

Also a big thank you to Paul Burgess for helping out in so many ways – he is also the genius behind the single artwork and many other things – you can find his work here. It was above and beyond that Karen and Alex Burgess also came down to the shoot, and even supplied the scary doll on Steve’s turntable

The Greeting Committee Show Me The Lights of Home Artwork by Paul Burgess Graphic Design.


This was to me an ambitious project, but I am pleased we did not play it safe and here are the results. I hope you like it:




Two Completely Different Gigs In One Amazing Night

Last night I was lucky enough to shoot the sell out Black Stone Cherry gig at Newcastle Academy, and the Ajimal single launch   The Literary & Philosophical Society ( Lit and Phil).

I feel very lucky to be at both.

Personally it was so good to see Fran’s launch for the new Ajimal single and see so many people from Newcastle that I knew at the gig in the awesome Lit and Phil

I went from this:

Black Stone Cherry Newcastle Academy 19 March 2012

Black Stone Cherry Newcastle Academy 19 March 2012


To This

Ajimall Newcastle Lit and Phil

Ajimal Newcastle Lit and Phil

It was a specialnight – I was also pleased to meet another exceptional talent from our region Nadine Shah – who was on before Ajimal.


We have an exciting music scene here in the north East of England