Wide Angle Shenanigans In Liverpool and Leeds With Allah-Las

Had so much fun seeing this band – love their album and a great live band.

Also will remember Magical Mystery Tour, Ye Old Crack, The Phil, Cinammon toast in Leaf, thunder and lighting, torrential rain in Leeds, Elaine style dancing, and great company.

Hope they come back soon

Some more of my pictures can be found here

Liverpool – http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidwala/sets/72157635195520689/


Allah-Las Leeds Brudenell 21 August 2013-1.jpg

Instamatic for the People 2012 Gallery

I have just made a gallery to show the first bach of images from the Instamatic for the People project. They feature Howler, Collectors Club, The Neat and Sound of Guns. Click on the picture below to visit it:

Instamatic for the People Gallery

Instamatic for the People Gallery

A New Analog Project and Resuming Another Project

Nearly every day I use my digital camera. So I am excited about starting a new film based project  – I have already started this and I can’t wait to put some of the images online ( this should be next week) .

I am also firing up my Instax camera to do some more images from my Instamatic for the People project – more details will also follow for this.

This is a personal project and I am looking forward to new adventures ahead

Can’t wait to use this film

Howler Paris Fleche d’Or 26 May 2012-2

Jordan Gatesmith – Howler one of the most exciting live bands around. Their debut album is also filled with energy and great songs.

More of my images from the gig are here:

Howler Paris Fleche d'Or 26 May 2012-1.jpg