The Bands and People Tonight – I Heart You All

Here is a quick rundown to tonight’s bands and performers and how I feel about. Please excuse any typos but I am running way behind schedule – I will amend any mistakes tomorrow x

The Greeting Committee are headlining tonight.I am sure they will blow the roof off the place. I have done photographs with them and done some filming at a sublime acoustic performance at a Sunderland radio station

Brilliant Mind  Have supported my work and vice versa. We have all become good friends over the years. I especially appreciate what they are doing tonight they have rehearsed a special acoustic set as Paul their drummer is away – much respect.

Gem Andrews

Gem has such beautiful emotive songs – they make me cry (in a good way)

Symphonic Pictures

Super talented  band making their debut blogged about them yesterday – just so excitiied and honoured to be at their debut gig – no pics yet of the band but here are some recent shots

David Burn

An absolute all round top man – the only person who has ever brought me a beer from the dressing room to the photography pit – that alone makes him a top man but he has helpful and supportive- he will be doing a DJ set tonight

Simon Donald

Simon has been helpful through the years –  a good hearted guy as well as being super talented – can’t wait to see what he does tonight. We need to do some pix 🙂

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