So What Robot Live Transmission and Acoustic Gig Thursday 28 July 7pm

In May I done a photo shoot and had so much fun creating some shots in a room full of balloons – who knew it would take so long to blow up and tie a knot in all those balloons. I tried the prepare the night before by blowing up a load of helium balloons – who knew that they would deflate overnight – always read the instructions.

Anyhow during the shoot we decided to do an impromptu video and thought it would be interesting to do an acoustic set in the studio and maybe make it into a webcast.

Two months later we are going to make this talk become reality with a live webcast and an intimate gig tomorrow evening – for me it is a step into the unknown and I am sure mistakes will be made but we are ready for this and have a good feeling about it – you can see for yourself by visiting this link tomorrow at around 7pm​ot

Some images from the photo shoot are her in the this gallery on my website section of my website

It is great with positive and creative people like So What Robot – it is the way it should be


The debris after the photo shoot


So tired and pleased the photo shoot was a success - and we have burst all the balloons


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