Reflecting on the Past and Keeping On Moving Forward



For the past 18 months I have had the framed prints from my Instamatic fro the People project in my studio

The other day I was looking at them and reflecting that since I started the project 2 and a half years ago that some of the bands have split up , other bands and musicians are on the verge of greater things ( also many of the people I did not know when I first photographed themand have since become my ¬†friends).It is also interesting to see the way some of the locations and people’s styles have changed. So I have decided to put al the images from 2010 onwards on my David Wala Photography Facebook page

Anyhow the links to all the photographs are:

Instamatic for the People 2012-2011

Instamatic for the People 2011-2012

Back in September I was going to do a blog post titled The Things I Did Last Summer – but I will be changing that to The Things I Did Last Summer and Autumn.

I have been busty doing other things apart from Instamatic for the People



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