My First Music Video From April 2010- Brilliant Mind Our Osprey

Back in 2010 I made a video with one of my favourite bands Brilliant Mind at their practice room ( an old meat storage facility on an industrial estate. I have seen and photographed Brilliant Mind at loads of gigs and even done their first photo shoot.

Before the shoot we had a rough idea of how it would look and shot the video live with me in the centre getting the footage ( we did not have any shot list but I was familiar with the song so done everything intuitively). In hindsight there are loads of things I would change but I am still proud of what we achieved – especially considering  we done four takes with one camera. It has a great D.I.Y. feel similar to some videos shot by bands in New York in the late 1960s.

Once I shot the video neither myself or the band had the knowledge and/or software to edit this. So it has been on a hard drive since I  shot it. I am pleased to put it out there and make it public.

I did not attempt another music video until 18 months after this at then of 2011 – The Union Choir Your Melodica








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