Recent Published Work

I am very happy to have recently been given assignments by two of the leading music publications the NME and Classic Rock Prog

The published images are below:

More images in my  Dananananaykroyd set on Flickr  and Zappa Plays Zappa set on Flickr

I am putting this at the beginning of the year, I hope in December that I can reflect on more assignments.

This has been an incredibly busy start to the year with photo shoots, live gigs, and some video work – I am so grateful and plan to keep it rolling on


The Like, Young Liar, and The Twilight Sad images added to Flickr

I am back from my trip to USA and will be updating my blog soon. In the meantime I have added some images to my Flickr site. The links to the sets on Flickr are:

The Like

Young Liar

The Twilight Sad

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 2010

I am still recovering from the three night stint of New York Dolls at The Cluny here in Newcastle. It has been like the holiday season to be photographing a band I admire and have followed  for all of my adult life and before – which is a long time.

I was lucky enough to see Johnny Thunders play at Newcastle Riverside – back then never in my wildest dreams could I have envisaged seeing the New York Dolls playing at a pub under Byker Bridge – I feel now anything is possible.

In 2004 I saw their first reunion at Royal Festival Hall at the time I thought it was going to be their two gigs at that venue then they would go back to doing their solo work – since they have delivered two strong relevant albums songs from which they play in their live set-  they are not just are not just relying on past glories. It was good to hear some new songs at the gigs from their new album which they are recording here in Newcastle.

New York Dolls Royal Festival Hall 16 June 2004

You can see my photographs from their Royal Festival Hall gig on my Flickr page

Anyhow I must admit I felt more pressure than normal shooting these gigs as I really wanted to do the band justice at such keynote  gigs for our area.

The images are in my Live Music Gallery the links are:

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 4 September 2010

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 5 September 2010

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 6 September 2010

Taken With L-U-V

Hope you like them


My Tribute To David Johansen And Sylvain Sylvain Mizrahi Of New York Dolls

I have  made a slide show as a tribute to the long-term friendship of David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain . The bond between them seems so strong and was so refreshing to see them and the band relaxed and having such a good time during their three night stint at The Cluny in my hometown of  Newcastle. I will be adding more photographs from the gigs to my gallery soon

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 5 September 2010-2616.jpg

I have added some photographs of New York Dolls to my Flickr site. I will be adding some on this site soon.

In the meantime the links to the sets are:

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 4 September 2010

New York Dolls Newcastle Cluny 5 September 2010