Kickstarter Campaign ?

For sure there are many more worthy causes than my Kickstarter campaign. Deep down I have many reservations about asking people for money to fund my project.  I really do feel uncomfortable about doing it, but I have decided to go ahead and start a Kickstarter campaign. I am not asking for something with nothing in exchange I think the range of rewards are valuable – I promise I am not offering to cook you a meal or go on a date.  Also a big thank you to the people who have kindly supported the project – that means a lot.

I was discussing this with a local musician yesterday and he told me  that some people  do not think twice about asking to use my work for free or just  a credit – actually some people do not even bother asking :-).  I should also add there are many that do ask and support my work – they all know who they are.

The link to my Kickstarter campaign is here  AAD Kickstarter campaign

Here is the video I made

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This is a personal project and I am doing it just because I enjoy it, and hope other people will too. Also thanks to everyone for taking part in the project without them there would be no project 🙂

More importantly I would like people to come along and enjoy the exhibition and the free gig on 6th November