Rather Be Doing Stuff Than Regret Not Doing It – Detroit Social Club Water Rats London

On the spur of the moment last Friday night I decided that I would go and see Detroit Social Club on the following night in London – it is always great to see a band based in Newcastle playing in London.

This was not a commission by anyone just done it for fun and to see a band that I had recently worked with play a gig in London. It was one of the best gigs that I have seen –ย  it was a night when the stars were aligned to create a really specialย  gig the band, music, audience, and the venue were all in the zone.

It pays to be spontaneous and do things just because it is good for the soul.. no other reason needed.

David Burn Detroit Social Club Water Rats 5 March 2011

David Burn and fan Water Rats London

David Burn Detroit Social Club Water Rats 5 March 2011

David Burn Detroit Social Club Water Rats London in London

More Sets Added To Live Music Gallery

This morning I have added more sets of live images including Dan Sartain, Detroit Social Club, Automatic NE1,Heavy Trash, Let’s Buy Happiness, The Slits.ย and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.

Detroit Social Club EP Launch Images Published On Glorious Noise

I was pleased to see my photographs of a local band to Detroit Social Club getting some publicity in the USA on a site that attracts over 45,000 unique visitors per month.

Hopefully they will become even bigger than Newcastle Brown Ale in the USA.

2010 looks like being a big year for Detroit Social Club.

The full piece is here:


Detroit Social Club Newcastle Other Rooms 1 March 2010 -7981.jpg

One of my favourite images from the Detroit Social Club Kiss The Sun EP launch.
To see more of my photographs from this gig please see: