Turning Analogue Into Digital – New Contact Sheets

The portrait project I started last year and have mentioned in earlier posts is starting to take shape.

I have tentatively titled it AAD ( Analogue Analogue Digital) just like on the back of CDs. Analogue for the type of camera, Analogue for the developing process, and Digital for the printing.

Sometimes I wonder why I am doing this on film – but the only answer is that I enjoy shooting with film and still get excited to see the results when the negatives are printed. Also I think that subconsciously the subjects may have more time and interest in film camera rather than with the immediacy and sometimes clinical nature of digital ( although I shoot digitally most of the time).

Here are two of the latest contact sheets:

So What Robot shot with a Mamiya RZ 67 camera with transparency film. These were taken after a more structured shoot in my studio in June 2012 ( I have just got the film processed yesterday – after an admin error…)

So What Robot Newcastle June 2012

So What Robot Newcastle June 2012



Gallery Circus shot at Think Tank Newcastle before their gig on 22 February. Shot with a Hasselblad 500 on Kodak Portra film

Gallery Circus Newcastle February 2013

Gallery Circus Newcastle February 2013



A big thank you to all the bands that have taken part so far. More info can be found  on my website in the AAD Gallery

I must say it is good for the soul to be doing this personal project




Three Great Bands at Cosmic Ballroom Tonight

After I shoot the Go West gig at Newcastle Academy tonight ( 17 December) I am going to see some of my favourite local bands at the Cosmic Ballroom on Stowell Street.

Gallery Circus – who I have recently filmed

The Greeting Committee – whom  I filmed on the roof of my studio building in September

The Watchers – as yet not filmed them but have shot some of their gigs

See you there