New Analogue Portrait Project

Over the past months I have worked on a project using my Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera. It is a series of portraits taken using an old-fashioned shutter release cable.

It lets the subjects press the shutter to make a self-portrait. It seems to make people more relaxed as they have some control as to when the picture is taken, which leads to some interesting shots.

This is the first in an ongoing project which so far features Symphonic Pictures, Off!, Howler, and Sound of Guns.

I am enjoying the challenge of shooting with film and have to pay particular attention to exposure levels and composition. Unlike in digital the images cannot be reviewed instantly. I am showing the full frame images ( uncropped) with minimal editing. I am still pondering about a name for the project, in the meantime I am going to keep on taking photographs

I must thank the bands for their time and getting involved with the project.

Please click on the image below to visit the gallery ( more images will be added soon ):

Howler band Portraits

My contact sheet from the shoot with Howler

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