Great To See The Libertines Return To Newcastle

I thought it would never happen but after seeing them play a secret gig in January 2004 at Bulletproof club night at the University of Northumbria, they returned tonight ( 3rd August 2017). Viva The Libertines !

The Libertines, Live From Times Square, Newcastle, 3rd August 2017

Peter Doherty of The Libertines – Live From Times Times Square ,Newcastle, 3rd August 2017


The Libertines, Live From Times Square, Newcastle, 3rd August 2017

The Libertines – Live From Times Square, Newcastle, 3rd August 2017

New Analogue Portrait Project

Over the past months I have worked on a project using my Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera. It is a series of portraits taken using an old-fashioned shutter release cable.

It lets the subjects press the shutter to make a self-portrait. It seems to make people more relaxed as they have some control as to when the picture is taken, which leads to some interesting shots.

This is the first in an ongoing project which so far features Symphonic Pictures, Off!, Howler, and Sound of Guns.

I am enjoying the challenge of shooting with film and have to pay particular attention to exposure levels and composition. Unlike in digital the images cannot be reviewed instantly. I am showing the full frame images ( uncropped) with minimal editing. I am still pondering about a name for the project, in the meantime I am going to keep on taking photographs

I must thank the bands for their time and getting involved with the project.

Please click on the image below to visit the gallery ( more images will be added soon ):

Howler band Portraits

My contact sheet from the shoot with Howler

Never Play It Safe Safe – Symphonic Pictures Promo Shots – Spaghetti, Pancakes, Rats, Soup, and Other Shenanigans

Back in May 2011 it was a privilege to have Symphonic Pictures play their first gig at my Instamatic for the People exhibition opening. Therefore I was happy to be involved with doing the photography for their first set of  press photographs.

When Johnny from the band contacted me with the idea/inspiration for the shots my first thoughts was that they would make an impact and I loved that they were not playing it safe.

It took a few weeks for the band to assemble props, to which I also contributed. We used a painted a  background and tried to emulate the lighting of 1960s shoot by at times using just the modelling lights and other times flash. It was also an opportunity for me to shot with my medium format Mamiya RZ67 camera, and use some hard to find  expired Agfa portrait film which I had saved for something special. The subdued colours also helped to give that retro feel to the images.

The shoot took 5 hours and we tried to pay attention to detail for each individual portrait. It was testament it was a relaxed atmosphere throughout and that we all committed to getting the exact images that we originally envisioned.

The images were then given to Paul Burgess Graphic Design to work his genius the lettering and finishing touches

I have to say it has been so amazing working with such a creative bunch of people.


Thank you




Weekend Update

I was reading an article recently about how music photographer’s should promote themselves. It made me realise that I should do more, although I do feel people will get sick of hearing the usual just shot this, done that etc. However if you do not promote yourself people will think that you have nothing going on.

Currently I am very busy with my photography I am shooting live gigs, doing promo videos, editing a five camera live video shoot that I directed, and doing album covers and press shots. I will be adding more information about these soon

This week I have photographed seven bands over three gigs. Some of the images are below:

So Many Wizards Head of Steam 8 March 2012

Brilliant Mind Head of Steam 8 March 2012

Symphonic Pictures Newcastle Academy 6 March 2012

You can see all my live shots on my Flickr site

I did have one disaster I shot a gig by Nero – who are DJ duo who stand at the top of a 7 metre plinth – and all you can see are there two heads above the parapet. Before the gig I tried without successa to get permission to get access to the balcony or stage so I could get some interesting shots. I have sent them to Newcastle Academy – but I doubt I will put them anywhere else. As ever I was prepared and knew what to expect and tookj my 70mm-200mm lens for the close up shots. I will learn from this and move on.

Here is one of the better images:

Nero Newcastle Academy 8 March 2012

They say you should end on a high. Back in January  I done a video session with Tusk in my studio. I was pleased with the lighting and the black background, and the tight composition. I think they sound fantastic. We also done some photographs – here is one of them below:

Tusk at David Wala Photography studios. Newcastle upon Tyne January 2012

I am very proud of the video and the camera work of my team Daniel Robson, and Jill O’Donnell. I finally edited the first song this week.

Thank you for reading this – I will hopefully be updating with more things soon

This is what I call a weekend update

Some Publicity About My Instamatic for the People Book for Charity

So happy to get some recognition from a photography website about my Instamtic for the People book and project.

I have dedicated so much time and effort to this project because I believed in it ,and in the process overcoming and deflecting doubts. It was heartwarming to get so much positive feedback since the exhibition.

Every penny of profit goes to Teenage Cancer Trust – and even better for me all the order fulfilment is done by the printers and all the money goes direct to the charity…..  I am relieved my work on this book  is done

To read the article visit Choose Film

Choose FIlm Instamatic for the People book

Instamatic for the People Book - All profits to Teenage Cancer Trust

The link to the book